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Value Based Negotiations

How to gain agreements and strengthen relationships
with each conversation

Arlene Johnson
Southern Methodist University
April 4, 2014

Value Based Negotiations (VBN) is an interactive and content rich negotiation program designed for the business professional. Each participant learns a repeatable and efficient negotiation process to consistently achieve conversation and negotiation objectives for important colleague and client conversations.

              Program Objectives
  • Leave the workshop with a negotiation planner, process and tool set to:
    • PREPARE - knowledge and questions on negotiation approach, best alternatives,
      interests and goals, outcome options, potential issues, meeting preparation and objectives
    • CONDUCT – statement of common goals, agenda, roles and rules of engagement,
      plan for information exchange
    • DECIDE – matrix to determine advantages and disadvantages to negotiated
      agreements and actions, plan to secure commitments, negotiation outcome review
  • Enhance consultative skills in the flow of colleague and client conversations
    • Identify, leverage and understand self and others’ personal conflict and negotiating approach and skills:
      -- Conflict Mode Instrument
      -- Role Simulation – general case study or customized
  • Understand the dynamics and consequences of a positional vs. interest based negotiation
  • Learn how to consistently balance negotiation tensions and support mutual value outcomes
  • Know how to overcome the tactics and challenges of a difficult situation or negotiator
  • Consistently engage, individually or in team, in a systematic negotiations framework that reduces concessions and protects profits and relationships.
Code: 143BCM206-D
Dates: April 4, 2014
Meets: Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, 1 Session
Instructor: Arlene Johnson (bio) - (contact)
Fee: $385

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