Strategic Selling

Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales
Miller Heiman: Conceptual Selling Workshop by Arlene Johnson

Strategic Selling provides visibility into sales opportunities, documenting plans with the Miller Heiman program’s Blue Sheet. This involves first identifying all key players in the customer’s organization, understanding each player’s degree of influence and their reasons for buying, and uncovering essential information. Participants will learn to evaluate their competitive position, differentiate their company by leveraging its unique strengths, and address the business and personal motives of each decision maker in the client organization.

In the Strategic SellingĀ® program you will learn, apply, and practice the following opportunity management strategies and tactics.


  • Understand how your customer reacts to change
  • Identify the most critical changes in your selling environment

Single Sales Objective

  • Clarify your current position by defining a Single Sales Objective for every opportunity


  • Determine how you feel right now about closing this Single Sales Objective.
  • Define your position on the Euphoria-Panic Continuum

Define the Players: The Four Buying Influences

  • Avoid the common dead end by focusing on players' roles, not their titles
  • Learn why an uncovered base with any Buying Influence could give your sale to the competition

Degree of Influence

  • Differentiate the varying Degrees of Influence for each Buying Influence
  • Define the factors that affect the Degree of Influence, ranging from internal politics to organizational changes
  • Learn why it is important to cover people who have a low Degree of Influence


  • Learn how understanding each reaction to change helps predict receptivity to the sales proposal
  • Identify what sales approaches you can develop for each of the four modes

The Win-Win Matrix

  • Ensure wins for your customer and yourself
  • Discover the four possible outcomes of every sale, and why three of them are recipes for disaster

Getting to the Economic Buyer

  • Uncover the three problems in getting to the Economic Buyer. Dealing with the "float factor," the internal blocker, and intimidation
  • Establish your credibility by providing the one thing the Economic Buyer always wants


  • Learn the types of competition
  • Understand how focusing on the competition can be just as dangerous as ignoring it.
  • Leverage a new strategy to use against competition

Ideal Customer

  • Measure the fit of your opportunity using the Ideal Customer Profile: a reliable tool for concentrating on win-win business
  • Sort and prioritize prospects according to this profile

The Sales Funnel

  • Maximize your most precious resource: selling time
  • Leverage the Sales Funnel for account tracking and territory management
  • Avoid the "boom and bust" income cycle
  • Discover an effective balance between the four types of selling work

Strategic Analysis: The Blue Sheet

  • Pull it all together into an action-based strategy for a structured, proven, 60-minute sales analysis
  • Leverage a complete, detailed picture of your Single Sales Objective
  • Illustrate who should do what and when to move your sale toward a close

Strategic Selling significantly improves the odds of winning complex sales opportunities. It gives organizations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and criteria for allocating resources to determine when to walk away from resource-intensive deals with a low probability of success. Participants will learn how to focus time and energy on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers.

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